Monday, February 13, 2012

What CEO's Need to know about product localization

What CEOs need to know about Product Localization?

This issue addresses the needs of executives and decision makers with strategic international expansion plans. Once international requirements are identified, the knowledge gained herein will facilitate all future translation work. Click on the titles below to view the full text.

Acting on the favorable exchange rates for the US dollar overseas, the continued outsourcing trend to China, and the ongoing overall globalization trend worldwide, companies all over the globe are accelerating their activities in foreign markets. In this article, we examine the tangible and intangible benefits of localization and translation. Competitive, brand, image and market share gains are cited and addressed.

So you made a decision to localize. Depending on the strategic importance of geography, time-to-market, and availability of funds, you may decide to choose different localization strategies to best fit your requirements. This article describes the different localization strategies available to companies today and the pros and cons of each. Over-the-wall, coupled, and integrated strategies are used to permit applying tradeoffs between time-to-market and costs, and to impact development and revenues.

As your company enters into global markets, catering to your newly targeted international clients’ language needs will soon become a long-term commitment for your product development team. This article examines in-house options, as well as the alternatives, to help you choose the best strategy. Always consider hiring professionals for the job. It could mean the difference between success and failure.

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